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Do You Cook Your Silage? By: 05/20/2015 @ 7:52pm

                Monday through Friday I consult with other dairy farms on their nutrition…

"One of Those Days" on the Farm By: 05/20/2015 @ 12:40pm

Yesterday was definitely “one of those days” on our farm. Dad had been up since 5 am, we had multiple people in multiple tractors working in multiple…

Making Strides! By: 05/13/2015 @ 8:15am

I have the wonderful opportunity as a nutritionist to get out and see other farms in action, be a part of their…

Early Intensive Stocking Boosts Pasture Sustainability & Profits By: 05/11/2015 @ 2:29pm

Notably in the Flint Hills of Kansas but also in many other cattle production areas, stocker cattle are let out into pastures for grazing from spring to early fall when they are removed to finish in…

Be Ready for a Hay-Day in May By: 05/11/2015 @ 1:18pm

While the corn farmers are hoping the rain holds off, those April and early May showers make great quality grass and hay for livestock producers during the month of May.In early April, grass growth made 200…

The Whens and Whys of Supplementing Iodine to Cattle By: 04/10/2015 @ 10:54am

By: Raylene Nickel  Iodine deficiencies in beef cattle are rare. When they do occur, the broad-spectrum symptoms can be hard to pin down.That’s because the trace mineral iodine plays a critical role in the…

Use Managed Grazing System to Control Grassland Invaders By: 04/06/2015 @ 9:47am

By: Raylene Nickel  Keeping weeds and woody species in check has been a side benefit of Brian Amundson’s managed grazing system. Near Jamestown, North Dakota, Amundson runs 600 cow-calf pairs on 2,000…

Beef Breeding Q&A: Synchronizing Heifers, Bull Exposure, & more By: 04/06/2015 @ 9:37am

By: Gene Johnston  Once a late-calver, always a late-calver. Well, almost. Although it is possible to catch them back up with the rest of the herd, it's difficult. Ranchers submitted questions about…

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