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7 Lessons Learned from Showing Livestock By: 07/22/2015 @ 10:54am

One show halter and one show stick guide a 1,000-pound animal. Those seemingly simple pieces of equipment have harnessed a lifetime of lessons for Liz, Maddie, and Grace…

Memorable Moments from the Show Ring By: 07/22/2015 @ 11:00am

When asked, members of Agriculture.com’s Cattle Talk discussion group shared their most memorable moments in the show…

Women In Ag: Our Story Continues By: 08/11/2015 @ 11:00pm

   We all find a passion in our lives. The lucky ones are able to follow it. I think that I am one of the…

Issue Preview: A Cattle Barn that Pays Off By: 08/18/2015 @ 2:31pm

It came down to two choices for Ron Carpenter and his partners: Build a confinement cattle barn or stop feeding altogether. They went with the new barn. The 644-foot-long structure, soon to complete its first…

Women in Ag: A Community Comes Together For the Kids By: 08/06/2015 @ 11:00pm

Last week I wrote about the project to repair the barn at our county fair. This week I want to continue that story. I along with so many of the members of my community am incredibly passionate about this…

Women in Ag: All About the Kids By: 07/30/2015 @ 7:56am

It’s all about the kids. My subconscious, day-to-day reasoning behind everything I do is all about the kids. We are so very fortunate to have an amazing little 6-year-old daughter. She brings so much joy…

Flooded, Muddy Pastures Increase Risk of Disease in Cattle By: 07/28/2015 @ 12:29pm

If pastures have sustained prolonged periods of excessive rainfall and muddy conditions during summer, cattle have a greater risk for foot rot (necrotic pododermatitis) and pink eye (infectious…

7 Tips to Combat Heat Stress in Cattle By: 07/27/2015 @ 1:35pm

With hot temperatures comes the potential for heat stress in your cattle. While there aren’t necessarily any common diseases associated with hot weather, heat stress can weaken the immune system and make…

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