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Merial introduces LONGRANGE dewormer

Agriculture.com Staff 12/03/2012 @ 1:17pm

Merial has released LONGRANGE (eprinomectin), an extended-release injectable cattle dewormer that provides cattle producers season-long persistent parasite control for 100 to 150 days in a single dose, dependent on parasite species.

The parasite protection LONGRANGE provides lasts long enough to break the parasite life cycle and reduce parasite burdens on the pasture. It takes about 100 days of continuous parasite control to break the parasite life cycle and begin to reduce the parasite burden on the pasture. The resulting benefit of breaking the parasite life cycle is better-performing cattle throughout the grazing season and pastures with lower parasite loads.

“LONGRANGE gives cattle producers a new way to think about parasite control,” says Joe Dedrickson, DVM, Ph.D., director of Merial field veterinary services. “Instead of treating cattle up to three to four times during the grazing season, which is what would be required from conventional dewormers, LONGRANGE gives cattle producers the option of a single treatment that will last all season. This means less labor for producers and less cattle stress and shrink.”


The season-long persistent parasite control of LONGRANGE is possible because of unique THERAPHASE Technology. THERAPHASE Technology releases the active ingredient in LONGRANGE for an extended period after injection (at least 100 days).

“THERAPHASE Technology creates one initial therapeutic peak of LONGRANGE quickly following the injection,” explains Dr. Dedrickson. “Beginning about 70 days after the injection, the THERAPHASE Technology releases a second burst of eprinomectin, the active ingredient in LONGRANGE. This creates a second peak of LONGRANGE and is what helps provide producers season-long control.”

LONGRANGE offers excellent efficacy against economically important parasites and hard-to-kill parasites.

“The short amount of time LONGRANGE stays at sub-therapeutic levels, helps ensure the product does not select for resistance any more than products currently on the market,” explains Dr. Dedrickson.

Impact of Parasite Control Practices

Of all the animal health practices used for increasing production, treating beef cows for parasites gives the greatest economic return of up to $201 per head.6 This includes improved reproduction and earlier calving, leading to earlier weight gain in calves.

Studies have shown cattle treated with LONGRANGE gain more weight than control cattle. At seven study sites, weight gain was measured before treatment and at study day 120. Across the sites, cattle treated with LONGRANGE gained more weight than control cattle. At six of the seven study sites, the difference in weight gain was statistically significant.

Prescribing Practices

LONGRANGE has all the benefits of a complicated and expensive strategic parasite control program in a single spring dose of 1 mL/110 lbs. of body weight.

When given at the recommended dose volume, LONGRANGE is effective in the treatment and control of the following internal and external parasites of cattle: 

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