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PEDv Timeline: The Hog Industry's Toughest Battle

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    In 2003, porcine epidemic diarrhea virus (PEDv) found its way to the United States, but no one could predict the devastating impact it would make. This disease hit U.S. swine herd hard, showing big time when September rolled around.

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    The USDA’s quarterly report released March 28 showed that the disease was still spreading, but at a slower rate than the previous quarter. “Hopefully, we have hit the peak,” says Marcia Shannon, University of Missouri Extension swine nutrition specialist. That didn't keep anyone from stepping up the biosecurity this spring.
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    Talk about PEDv mellowed slightly later in April. Some have developed theories that feed is suspect in the spread of the swine virus. 

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    The beginning of April, Japan reported taking some pretty big hits to their swine industry due to none other than PEDv. The country is looking to increase their imports after losing thousands of hogs.

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    The USDA is taking the highest precautions in not letting a disease such as PEDv strike again. That includes keeping diligent records, which is why they are saying it's required to report all hog deaths.

    • For more PEDv updates, check out the Hog Health page.

Hit by an epidemic that killed millions of hogs in the U.S., PEDv turned the hog industry on end. Take a look back at the battle against PEDv.

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