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From Ohio farmer 09/20/2010 @ 10:34am I got this feedback to the story from Ohio: Betsy, Nice to see the update on the pork powerhouses in your article. A lot of hog farmers (well the two still in business) talk trash about these big operators. But the rest of us in central Ohio love them for creating a good market for our corn. Almost all of our corn goes south on rail to the big chicken and hog powerhouses in the Carolinas. We have two big elevators competing for our corn, one sends a train (60 cars) a week to a hog feeder. Now Poet comes along and builds an ethanol plant right here in the middle, they need every kernel of corn in a 45 mile radius to keep the operation running. We really have a market! I know the big pigs have run the little piggy's out of the hog market, but overall it has helped the grain farmer, even the ex hog farmer can grow corn and make a living. I thought I would share my point of view, whatever it is worth.

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