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Ensure your pygmy goats are healthy by only purchasing goats from reputable breeders

Debbie Hosley 05/13/2011 @ 7:26am Established in 1982 in Norco, California, Amber Waves is committed to producing high quality, registered African pygmy goats for breeding, showing, and family pet purposes. Over the years Amber Waves has become an industry leader, accumulating prestigious awards such as 428 Champions, 4 Premier Exhibitor awards, 7 Premier Breeder awards, 5 Herdsman awards, and 1 National Champion Buck award. Kiddings are available year round and may be shipped both nationally and internationally. Occasionally proven bucks and does are also available for purchase.

Ensure your pygmy goats are healthy by only purchasing goats from reputable breeders

So you have decided to bring adorable, friendly pygmy goats into your family, but do you know the best place to purchase them? By far the most important element to consider when purchasing pygmy goats is their health. You don’t want to bring unhealthy goats into your home because not only will there inevitability be higher costs in keeping them alive, unhealthy goats can infect any healthy goats you may have, have an increased risk of dying prematurely, and many diseases that plague them don’t have cures. Ultimately, unhealthy goats will bring you unnecessary emotional and financial stress and will require a lot more work, but how can you be sure you are receiving a healthy pygmy goat? You must resolve to purchase your goats from a reputable breeder like Amber Waves.

What does a reputable breeder offer consumers? Testing of their herds for devastating diseases such as Caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE), Caseous Lymphadenitis (CL), and Johne's Disease. When you receive pygmy goats from a herd that has been tested for these diseases, you are exponentially increasing your chances for having healthy, happy goats over their lifetimes.

A retroviral infection of goats which may lead to chronic disease of the joints, and on rare occasions, encephalitis in goat kids less than six months of age, Caprine arthritis encephalitis (CAE), can cause inflammation and be extremely painful for a goat who is suffering with it. However, some goats that have CAE never show any symptoms, but can still pass CAE onto other goats in its herd. This means that purchasing from a breeder who tests for CAE is essential.

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