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Nominate your barn

Agriculture.com Staff 11/30/2015 @ 11:04am

Have you fixed up your old barn recently or simply kept it in good repair over the years?

Successful Farming magazine and the National Trust for Historic Preservation are requesting entries for the 2006 program. The awards are given for the best examples of older barns adapted for new farming uses and for preservation of an entire farm or ranch.

Cash prizes of $1,000 are awarded for the top project and $250 for the runners-up.

Leo Fitzpatrick of Beaverton, Michigan, says, "The farm would not look the same without the barn that Grandpa built so long ago. It stands like a beacon light at the center of the farm now operated by his great-grandsons." A new metal roof, fresh paint job, and plenty of structural reinforcement made the barn ready for another century of service. Click below to meet Leo and learn about other past winners.

Application deadline for the 2006 awards program is July 15, 2005.

To be eligible for an award, applicants must be owners or operators of a working farm or ranch, and the historic building(s) must be actively used in the farm/ranch operation. Community use, non-agricultural, housing conversion, and retail projects are not eligible. Nominations will be accepted in two categories:

1. Preservation of a historic farm or ranch (multiple buildings)

2. Preservation and practical use of an older barn or other farm building

To nominate a farm or ranch, please download the nomination form (PDF, link below), fill it out completely and forward slides, photographs and other supporting materials as requested on the form, to:

National Trust for Historic Preservation BARN AGAIN! Program 535 16th St., Suite 750 Denver, CO 80202

Incomplete nominations, or those without photographs, cannot be considered. All materials submitted will become the property of the National Trust for Historic Preservation and Successful Farming magazine.

Nominations may be submitted by the owners of the farm/ranch or by outside parties. If nominator is someone other than farm/ranch owner, please enclose a cover letter describing the nominator's relationship to the farm/ranch owner and the reason for the nomination. Be sure to include the name and address of the person submitting the nomination.

Nominations for the awards will be accepted through July 15 of each year. Awards will be announced in the Spring of the following year.

BARN AGAIN! also publishes barn rehab information and supports state and local programs.

Bulletins and publications include guides to restoring roofs, foundations, and exteriors. For award applications or publications, write to:

BARN AGAIN!® National Trust for Historic Preservation 535 16th St., Suite 750 Denver, CO 80202 Phone: 303/623-1504 Web site: www.barnagain.org

Have you fixed up your old barn recently or simply kept it in good repair over the years?

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