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National Trust for Historic Preservation

Co-founded BARN AGAIN! with Successful Farming in 1987. Website includes:    


Barn saving publications

BARN AGAIN! A Guide to Rehabilitation of Older Farm Buildings. 18 page full-color guide features nine examples of "BARN AGAIN!" barns; barn rehabilitation checklist; roof, foundation and siding repair tips; and information on the National Register and tax credits. Download a FREE copy.

Heritage Barns: Statewide Survey and Physical Needs Assessment (Washington State)

Prepared for the Washington Department of Archeology and Historic Preservation, this report includes a method for determining the cost of repairing and replacing components of historic barns, and other information useful to barn owners.

Barn Aid #1: Barn Foundations.  Analyzes major problems of stone, concrete and concrete block foundations and shows how to remedy them.  Includes a checklist for investigating foundation repairs and a guide for estimating costs.  Download a FREE copy.

Barn Aid #2: New Spaces for Old Places.  Describes how to increase clearspan space inside older barns by replacing posts and beams with trusses.  Includes drawings and cost estimates. Download a FREE copy.

Barn Aid #3: Barn Exteriors and Painting.  Information on common siding problems and repair, preparing your barn for painting and getting the best possible paint job. Download a FREE copy.

Barn Aid #4: Barn Roofs.  How to repair and replace roofing on historic barns. Download a FREE copy.

Other barn-related publications

Historic Barns: Working Assets for Sustainable Farms.  Publication on Sustainable Agriculture and Historic Barns describes how older and historic barns can provide practical benefits to one of the most exciting and fastest growing segments of the rural economy -- sustainable agriculture. Download a FREE copy!



The National Barn Alliance works to save and protect America's historic barns. The National Barn Alliance encourages documentation of historic barns and other rural structures through surveys and photography, supports the creation of statewide and local barn preservation organizations and programs, and facilitates the sharing of information on the history and maintenance of barns.

The Barn Journal has general information about barns and traditional farm architecture. It is a reader-supported site, and depends on the submissions of its users to add content. The site includes contractor information, barn ads, and barn case studies.

Barn contractors list: a listing of businesses that specialize in barns, particularly barn repair.

National Park Service Preservation Briefs

The National Park Service offers preservation briefs designed to help with a wide variety of preservation projects. There are several briefs that may be helpful for your barn preservation project.

Introduction to Federal Tax Credits for Rehabilitating Historic Buildings

Administered by the National Park Service in conjunction with State Historic Preservation Offices (SHPO), the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentives program offers a 20% federal tax credit for qualified rehabilitation expenses.

Preservation Brief #20 – The Preservation of Historic Barns

Historic barns form a vital part of our nation's heritage. By carefully examining the historic significance of each structure, owners of historic barns can draw up plans that preserve and reuse these historic structures while maintaining their historic character.

Preservation Brief #26 – The Preservation and Repair of Historic Log Buildings  

This brief presents a concise history and description of the diversity of American log buildings and provides basic guidance regarding their preservation and maintenance.

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