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John Deere Named in Top 100 Construction Equipment List for 2012

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Several John Deere machines and products have been included in 2012’s top 100 construction equipment list, according to a recent update from the 
ConstructionEquipment website

John Deere products are present in three of eight of the categories listed, including multiple products in the “Heavy Earth Moving Machinery” categoryThe site broke its top 100 list into “Heavy Earth Moving Machinery, Light Earth Moving Machinery, Trucking and Hauling, Paving and Compacting, Lifting and Material Handling, Drilling and Trenching, Light Equipment, as well as Ancillary products.” To compile this list, the ConstructionEquipment websitestates, “In evaluating products for the Top 100, Construction Equipment editors look for advances in technology, new product lines, significant improvements to existing products, or a product that increases competition in its field.” 

The list shows three John Deere machines included in the "Heavy Earth Moving Machinery" section

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