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Preseason Planter Repair By: 02/06/2015 @ 12:02pm

Planter design may have transformed, and seed technology may have advanced of late. What hasn’t changed, however, is the paramount necessity for a preseason inspection…

Ag Leader's 8-Section Hydraulic Down Force By: 01/05/2015 @ 10:42am

More sections of control and row-by-row sensing are two factors that play heavily into improving plant emergence and…

Update Planter Technology By: 02/04/2015 @ 4:27pm

When you switch to high-speed planting, you may want to update your technology. John Deere recommends MyJohnDeere and…

Add a Headland Pass for High-Speed Planting By: 02/04/2015 @ 4:20pm

With new planting innovations from John Deere and Precision Planting, planting speed is no longer limited to 5 mph. ExactEmerge planters and planters equipped with SpeedTube can double your planting speed, up…

Prepare for Increased Seed Handling By: 02/04/2015 @ 4:15pm

When you start planting faster, there are going to be other areas of your operation that will limit efficiency. One of these is seed handling. “With this machine eating up more acres per day, seed logistics…

High-Speed Planter Maintenance By: 02/04/2015 @ 4:10pm

From a maintenance perspective, using the electric-driven meters on the new John Deere ExactEmerge planters and planters equipped with Precision Planting SpeedTube should be easier. You won’t have any…

Check Planter Attachments By: 02/04/2015 @ 4:02pm

Closing wheels and row cleaners do the same jobs at higher planting speeds, but they will have to do that work faster, changing the way they operate. “You will have to run more closing force because the…

Adjust Fertilizer Application By: 02/04/2015 @ 3:53pm

You will need to adjust fertilizer application for high-speed planting.“Fertilizer has not quite caught up to the industry yet and will be a limiting factor,” says Kelby Krueger, John Deere. For example…

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