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Spread it around

05/04/2011 @ 9:40am

More than a century ago, manure spreaders were pulled by a horse or team of horses. Today, hydraulic and PTO-driven models dominate the market, and manufacturers are continuously adding models and features to further enhance the machine's efficiency. Here are four pieces of equipment that can help increase your efficiency.

Top Shot

The Top Shot from H&S Manufacturing Company is a side-discharge manure spreader that is available with the new Digi-Star Nutrient Tracker Scale System.

Standard features include an automatic chain oiler system, shear bolt protection, remote grease system, left-side poly-lined tank, 40-inch-wide Top Shot expeller beater, and highway lighting system. A master slave cylinder system raises and lowers the auger to keep material moving.

Customers can choose from three models: 5120 (2,000-gallon capacity), 5126 (2,600-gallon capacity), and 5134 (3,400-gallon capacity), which is pictured. Model prices start at $61,000.

To learn more, visit www.hsmfg.com.

Vertical Spreader

Neptune Enterprises offers a vertical spreader in four models. STJ 250 (250-bushel capacity), STJ 425 (425-bushel capacity), STJ 700 (700-bushel capacity), and STJ 1000 (1,000-bushel capacity) are hydraulically controlled and have dual push ram and twin orbit beater motors.

The high-definition poly constructed box eliminates corrosion and distortion, ensures a precise end gate fit, and provides for smoother ram movement. A shorter tongue allows for a smaller turning radius.

To learn more, call 800/272-7547 or visit www.neptuneag.com.

5300 Series

The three models in Sioux Automation Center's 5300 range in size from 600 to 800 cubic feet and come in both wide and narrow configurations.

The beater assembly is designed to create more tolerance for managing foreign objects. The beater housing protects the driveline, undercarriage, and apron chain, while producing a more uniform spread pattern. Swinging arms on the bottom of the beaters allow more forgiveness for rocks and other debris.

The box interior is 100% ¾-inch plastic. Durable stainless steel retainers allow material to move easily.

To learn more, visit www.siouxautomation.com.


Originating in 1990, Dutch Industries' Lowlander manure spreaders have developed into a line of machines that offer producers a wide range of choices.

The Lowlander Mk4 is available in six models that range in carrying capacity from 289 cubic feet to 696 cubic feet. The fully welded body has an internal width of 4 feet, 11 inches.

The Heavy Duty 150 Mk2 has an internal body width of 5 feet, 3 inches and is fitted with 580/70 R38 tires. The machine is under 9 feet, 10 inches for transport. Cubic capacities range from 604 to 805 cubic feet. A 19.8-ton axle and high-load tires complete with fully welded construction make this a machine worth a second look.

The Widebody manure spreaders are heavy-duty, fully welded machines. They're available in four models that can handle all manure types and other materials. Capacities range from 494.4 to 1,236 cubic feet. Available in single, tandem, tri-axle, or truck-mounted builds that can carry loads up to 38.6 tons. Twin, 38-inch-diameter shredding augers are standard.

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