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A sprayer for this century

12/15/2010 @ 9:19am

Market studies show that the fastest growing sprayer size is the 1,000-gallon sprayer. Since Hagie already makes two different 1,000-gallon sprayers, you’d think the market was covered. But Hagie’s recent introduction of the STX10 tells another story.

“There was a customer segment we weren’t reaching with our current models, the DTS10 and STS10,” says Jim Williams, Hagie product marketing engineer.

The DTS10 was a lightweight, nimble sprayer with very low ground compaction, but the twin-tank design and dated styling turned many buyers away. The STS10 – a rugged, robust machine – had multipurpose capabilities and extra weight, two qualities that were unacceptable for some.

“What we needed was a lightweight sprayer that was nimble, had one tank, was a sprayer only, and had twenty-first century styling,” says Williams. “The goal was to build a 1,000-gallon sprayer that didn’t feel like a big sprayer but had many big-sprayer features and comforts. It had to be light with low ground compaction, high ground clearance, and simple – always keeping cost in consideration.”

The result was the STX10.

While this machine’s looks may not be what you’re used to, Williams says the innovations and capabilities you’ve come to expect from Hagie are all there.

“The STX10 introduces a new boom-pivoting design separating the movement from the chassis to the boom. The boom design is completely new, as well,” says Williams. “The new design utilizes horizontal-style folding, and a new routing channel reduces obstructions and increases visibility when the boom is folded for transport.”

A 60/80 boom is standard, as well as left and right fence row nozzles. A 60/90 boom option is available.

Designed like today’s combines, the STX10 features composite panels that cover the entire body. Panels direct engine airflow to reduce buildup of debris on the inlet screens, which keeps the engine cool during late-season applications.

Customers will see improvements not only on the outside of the sprayer but also on the inside.

“The cab is the best we’ve ever designed, with an abundance of room for the operator. The air-ride seat has seven different adjustments and a ride that puts it at the top of its class. The hydrostatic handle is custom-designed for fingertip control while providing ergonomic comfort,” he says.

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