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Spruced-up sprayers

01/25/2011 @ 2:32pm

With more and more farmers investing in their own sprayer rigs, manufacturers are stepping up the features in these machines to entice prospective customers.

The AS720, AS1020, and AS1220 models from Equipment Technologies incorporate engineering and design refinements that make them more affordable, more reliable, and more rugged than ever before.

“The 2011 model year represents the culmination of years of customer feedback and planning,” says Paul Nielsen, national sales manager. “It is truly rewarding to see all these changes come together without compromising what makes the Apache special, and that is the promise of efficiency and return on investment – doing more with less.”

From the inside out, you’ll see specific design enhancements on all three 2011 Apache models including:

• Four-point mounted cab. The cab is fulcrum-mounted at four points. Combine that with a wider stance and that means a 37.5% reduction in g-forces felt by the operator.

• Visibility and floor space. Overall floor space is increased by 12%. With the wrap-around glass, you get an improved view of front wheels as well as a better view of booms.

• Noise reduction. The engine and exhaust have been moved farther away from you, which results in a 9% reduction of in-cab noise.

• Cab entry. The rear-hinged door and larger catwalk make it easier to maneuver in and out of the cab.

• Seating. Because of increased floor space, new models include a buddy seat for safer learning and instruction.

• HVAC and electronics. HVAC adjustments have been placed in the steering column, and electronics are CAN-ready.

• Transmission. An ITL/JCB transmission can still be purchased with the AS720. The AS1020 and AS1220 will feature a ZF transmission, however, which has a lock-up torque converter that allows for as much as a 26% increase in the ratio of power supplied to power used compared to 2010 models.

Moving Outside

The outside of the machine also receives a number of enhancements.

• Axle widths. Choose between a 120-inch fixed axle or an adjustable axle that allows widths from 120 to 160 inches. These new adjustable configurations provide increased options for a wide variety of row spacings and a wider stance for increased stability.

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