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Shake up your farm shop

Jeff Caldwell 09/20/2012 @ 10:24am Multimedia Editor for Agriculture.com and Successful Farming magazine.

Whether you're sprucing up your existing farm shop or you're weighing the pros and cons of building a new shop building altogether, you've got a lot of decisions to make, from the size and layout of your building to prioritizing space according to what jobs you'll be doing most often. Let these features stoke your creativity and planning and glean a few ideas from other farmers who have been through the process you're in right now.



Make it a Power Shop

Check out 18 farmer ideas for getting the most out of your farm shop.


Shop design tips

See some of the things to keep in mind when building a new farm shop.


Top Shops Floorplans

Make the most of your farm shop with smart design.


Room for it all

The Miiller family went to considerable lengths to design and build a shop that would accommodate their growing farm operation, including room for machinery maintenance, office work and plenty of space for tools and equipment. Follow along and tour the Miiller's shop!

Shop and store

Ken and Deb Woelber debated long and hard about whether to put up a new shop and where to store the machinery. “The building site we had to work with wouldn't necessarily accommodate two separate buildings,” Ken recalls. “So going with a single structure not only provided a simple solution but also cut down somewhat on construction costs.”


Expandable shop space

The Hargus operation may well fit more work into its 48×48-foot shop than a structure twice the size. The secret to that ability is credited to keeping the shop's floor space as unencumbered as possible. “Basically, everything outside of 2 feet from the shop wall is movable,” explains Paul Hargus, who farms with his father, Dwayne, near Jackson, Minnesota.

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