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Top Shops Floorplans

  • Traditional layout

    The Jakobs shop uses a single building to serve as shop and machinery storage. They opted for a rolling crane to service any location on the shop floor.

  • In-line bays

    Ron and Greg Otto's approach to their shop layout was to position a major repair and fabrication bay at one end of their 50x102-foot structure that is accessible by a 35-foot-wide door.

  • For major fabrication

    The Leonards located all their major metalworking tools near a repair and fabrication bay. A pit and overhead oil storage are near the service bay.

  • Separate wash area

    The Liljedahls carved out three separate work centers from their shop and surrounded the bays with supporting services.

  • Shop, storage all in one

    Robert Kuesel segmented a 126-foot-long structure into separate shop and storage areas with an access door.

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