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Grain handling & equipment news and updates. Find articles on grain handling and related equipment, grain systems, management, new products, parts, repair and more. Get grain handling ideas and information from experts and other farmers.

Accurately Measure Grain By: 10/16/2014 @ 3:31pm

Knowing how much grain is flowing in and out of your bin can be a challenge. “Through my experience loading grain trucks on our family farm, I wondered if there was a…

Tending to Bin Sensors By: 09/15/2014 @ 3:19pm

Despite the best-laid plans, things do go wrong with grain bin cables and monitoring systems, warns Heath Roker.Roker…

Adjustable Grain Hopper By: 09/15/2014 @ 3:41pm

Gary Schreiner remembers, at age 12, fighting with a plastic grain hopper that twisted, flopped over, and left grain…

Extending Grain Bin Storage By: 11/14/2014 @ 10:26am

Lack of railcars, bountiful yields, and on-farm storage capacity based on only holding a single season’s crop may have you scrambling to expand storage. You are not alone. Commercial storage is also…

8 Tips For Long-term Grain Storage By: 10/14/2014 @ 1:38pm

The era of high grain prices is temporarily over. “We’ve lived in a period of time the last several years where there has been very little grain carryover, markets have been good, and almost everybody has…

Grain Bin Robot Keeps You Safe By: 09/15/2014 @ 3:12pm

A bin teeming with a season’s bounty can become a death trap in a matter of seconds when grain cascades out of control. In as little as five seconds, you can become trapped in a flowing crop and unable to…

Late-Model Grain Carts ARE Available By: 09/08/2014 @ 4:45pm

A grain cart is one of those pieces of equipment that often is bought new, is fully used, and then is sold with well-worn flighting, balding tires, and a load of questionable bearings. This buy-it-for-life…

Digital Sensor Technology for Grain Bins By: 08/08/2014 @ 11:44am

The first direct-to-digital temperature sensor with multiple connections on a single line was introduced by the Dallas Semiconductor Corporation (Maxim Integrated Products) in 1995. Today’s direct descendent…

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