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Matters Needing Attention of Maize Milling Machine

05/20/2014 @ 10:14pm

With the continuous development of modern technology, the technical content of maize milling machine is also increasing. In actual production, maize milling machine regularly will be some failures, this will affect the productivity of maize flour milling machine. Therefore, during maize processing, we should be in accordance with a certain process, and ensure the normal operation of maize milling machine.

First, during the use of maize flour milling machine, we must follow the instructions in the use of maize milling machine, and note that maintenance of the various components of maize milling machine.

Then, regular maintance of maize milling machine and timely repair or replace worn parts.

Last, processing quality are the main criteria for judging the performance of maize flour milling machine, enterprises must continuously improve the technological content of maize milling machine,and guarantee the processing quality of maize milling machine.

In a word, during the use of maize milling machine, we must adhere to the principle of operation, and ensure maize milling machine production efficiency

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Classification of Wheat Milling Machine 05/20/2014 @ 10:14pm Wheat flour milling machine is a kind of agricultural product processing machine which rely on external driving force to grind wheats into granules and separate flour particles of different sizes by adjusting the size of sieve pores. There are a wide range of wheat milling machines which can be classified according to different standards. Different kinds of wheat milling machines have different characteristics and specific uses. On the basis of different levels of mechanical technology, wheat milling machine is categorized as traditional flour milling machines and modern wheat flour milling machines. Based on different body sizes, wheat milling machine can be divided into three categories: small scale wheat milling machine, medium scale wheat flour milling machine and large scale wheat flour mill project. Compared with medium scale and large scale wheat milling machine, small scale wheat milling machinery have fast update speed, short installation period, multifarious standards, and cost less expenditure of capital.

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