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New technology helps record data taken from each farm

Updated: 07/09/2010 @ 9:17am

Compiling harvest information got a lot easier for Beau Romsey when he used the Digi-Star Grain Tracker system during last year's harvest. Romsey, from Gilbert, Iowa, likes downloading harvest information from his scale in the cab to his computer through a USB flash drive.

"It is nice to store the information on a thumb drive and put it right on my computer," Romsey says. "It's also helpful for crop insurance since I'm able to say how many bushels were from which field and where they are stored."

The system tracks the weight of the grain, the date and time of harvest, the field the grain comes from, the truck that hauls it away, and the accumulated load values. Another added benefit is it allows farmers to ensure that trucks aren't overloaded when leaving the field.

Kevin Klubertanz, director of sales and marketing for Digi-Star, says another thing farmers like about the system is that it's done right in the field. "The patent-pending start/stop feature zeros out the unit when you start to unload, then it saves and displays the data record before showing you what is remaining on the cart so you can load it again," Klubertanz explains. In addition to storing information on the USB drive, the Grain Tracker can also make a printout.

Romsey says he likes this system better than a yield monitor because it doesn't need to be calibrated as often. "I set this up in September and kept checking to see if it needed to be calibrated. I never had to change it once," he says.

Klubertanz says the Grain Tracker gives a record of what leaves the field; it's not a map of good and poor yields.

The Grain Tracker, which was introduced in February, allows farmers to name up to 150 fields they harvest and to preload data into the system from the computer.

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