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May Wes Poly Retractable Finger kit product expansion

Now available, a molded guide for selective May Wes Poly
Retractable Finger kits.  The new molded guides come with these
make/models: Case IH 3020, 2020 and 1020 series and the New Holland 740CF and
74C series combine heads.

The May Wes Poly Retractable Fingers are a practical replacement for metal
fingers because they are far less damaging than a metal finger breaking and
feeding through the combine.

Other May Wes Poly Retractable Finger kits include: John Deere 600, 900 and 200
series, AGCO/Gleaner, CAT/Lexion, Mac Don 873 Draper, FD60 and FD70 series,
Case IH 2162 series and New Holland 973 series.

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