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All wrapped up

03/06/2012 @ 10:19am

Whether you're looking for an implement that can help preserve the quality of your hay or a device that can process hay, silage, and baleage, companies like Vermeer and Kuhn are responding with innovations to make hay handling easier.

Vermeer silage wrappers

The SW5000 and SW5500 Silage Wrappers from Vermeer were designed to help you turn silage bales into individually wrapped high-nutrition silage packages. Wrappers offer more freedom and flexibility because they allow you to increase your hay-baling options and that ever-shrinking window of opportunity by harvesting high-moisture forages with moisture content up to 65%.

“Both the SW5000 and the SW5500 are ideal if you want more flexibility, control, wrapping speed, and convenience,” says Phil Egging, product manager, Vermeer Forage Solutions. “They give you more choices while helping to reduce dry matter and leaf losses. At the same time, they minimize the challenges of harvesting forages at the correct stage of maturity. Both machines also feature self-loading arms that allow you to pick up, load, wrap, and dump tightly wrapped bales without leaving the tractor cab.”

Once the bale is wrapped and ready to unload, a cut-start system slices the film and secures it for the next wrapping cycle. A low-profile design helps minimize punctures or tears in the film wrap and damage to the bale. To keep you working in the field, both models provide storage room for three additional rolls of plastic film, which are located on the frame for easy access.

The SW5000 features a semiautomatic controller within the tractor cab, while the SW5500 is fully automatic. You can even pause midwrap, if necessary. Also included are rotation counters, plus an alert that lets you know when the wrapping table has completed its predesignated number of rotations.

The SW5000 is well suited for midsize operations and lists for $17,967. The SW5500 is designed for operations with extensive silage baling needs and has a suggested price of $24,250.

To learn more, visit Vermeer at www.vermeer.com.

Kuhn bale processor

Kuhn's Primor 5570 M bale processor can distribute bedding in bedded-pack barns and can directly feed hay, silage, and baleage. This machine can process large square bales up to 8 feet, 10 inches long, as well as round bales that are 4 feet wide and up to 6 feet, 7 inches in diameter.

The 5570 M comes as a heavy-duty, trailed machine designed for lower horsepower tractors. Thanks to the top discharge blower, you can easily direct and control the spread pattern of the material. Distances of up to 60 feet can be reached without adding options.

The polydrive belt system drives the feed rotor, which pulls material from the bale without overcutting. This results in uniform material length and consistency when bedding and feeding. The unroll system lets you load up to three round bales at the same time, with no risk of jamming or bales being distributed unevenly.

For pricing information or to learn more, contact your local Kuhn dealer or visit www.kuhn.com.

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