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Irrigation system maintenance: Timely care can cut down-time later

Agriculture.com Staff 02/07/2016 @ 9:11am

Wear and tear on irrigation pumps and motors can contribute to a gradual decline in water application efficiency that may not always be easily identifiable. Regularly recording the static and pumping water levels, output pressure, flow rate and energy use provides an excellent reference for evaluating pump performance. Without records, you may not be aware of how system performance has changed over time.

Each irrigation system should be equipped with a recently calibrated water meter, pressure gauge, and a means of monitoring the water level in the well (air line or a hole for an electric resistance probe). Gauges to monitor such variables as motor water temperature, oil pressure, revolutions per minute, and hours of operation should be maintained to provide a means for monitoring the system as well as shutting it down if it is not working at the appropriate level.

Other motor records should include hours of operation, oil and fuel use rates and engine operating temperature. Engine overhauls and part replacements are easier to plan for if hours of operation are recorded.

In the spring, check control boxes, pipelines, the engine compartments, and exterior oil cooling coils for rodents. Also check all wire coverings which rodents may have damaged, creating the potential for electrical shorts. Corrosion also can contribute to wiring problems. A pre-startup check of all electrical connections will reduce the chance of electrical failure or personal injury.

Before the first irrigation next spring, check your owners manual and perform routine maintenance, including:

1. Change the engine oil and filter,

2. Check drive belts (if any),

3. Grease all drive shafts on pump, and motor,

4. Replace fuel filters,

5. Check the operation of the chemical injection pumps,

6. Check and clean the battery power cables,

7. Drain, flush and refill the cooling system,for 30-60 minutes.

8. Drain and replace the lubricating oil in pump gear drive,

9. Refill the reservoir for lubrication of the pump drive shaft,

10. Check the gear drive to be sure it is free moving and clean the non-reverse pins with a wire brush, and lubricate each pin,

11. Start the motor and allow it to run at 1000 rpm

Some pump installations may not require all of these maintenance checks or they may require different or additional repairs. Check your owner's manual for what best suits your system.

The water distribution system, especially the drive tower tires, gear boxes and alignment panels, also need routine maintenance. Oil lubrication of the gear boxes is essential; bearings and seals should be checked regularly. Lubricating oil containing water, or steel filings can drastically increase the wear and tear. Drain any water out of the bottom of the gear box prior to each irrigation season. Refill gear box oil annually and replaced it after the first irrigation season and every 3000-4000 hours of operation thereafter.

With hydraulically driven systems, check for oil leaks. Oil distribution hoses degrade over time and should be closely inspected for severely worn or degraded areas. Ruptured hoses are costly in terms of oil spillage and present a safety hazard to operators. Rather than chance a breakdown, replace hoses that appear to be a hazard.

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