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first time for everything... 10/07/2010 @ 3:46pm I have never had a problem with dirty fuel until this year. We always used gravity flow tanks and filled the tractors up at the shop when we got finished for the day. This year though, I was working away from home and decided I could save some time by getting a 55 gallon drum that had been used for fuel. Apparently it had something in it because I clogged 3 filters on my tractor. Very frustrating!

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Rudy Hiebert Re: Re: first time for everything... 10/25/2010 @ 12:42pm This idea may not be part of your situation here now but assuming you've come across keeping diesel fuel from solidifying during the extreme cold winter. Diesel fuel additives from a superior brand will go along way to keep fuel running through the filters. Have a look at for ideas.

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