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Corn head values climb

Record high sale prices seem to be touching all pieces of used farm equipment on the auction block, including corn heads. "I know records were made to be broken, but honestly old sale price records don't seem to stand much of a chance these days," says Mac

Buyers willing to travel

At an auction in Kentucky last week, buyers came from thirteen different states to find a good piece of used equipment. "Just solid evidence that in this very tight market for good quality used farm equipment, prospective buyers will definitely travel, gre

Machinery Pete's holiday auction sale price quiz

I know one problem I have every January is getting used to writing the new "year" on my checks. Another problem folks are having here late in '07 is accurately valuing used farm equipment values. This is a problem -- or should I say, challenge -- that's d

Record sale prices everywhere

It doesn't matter what part of the country you live in, the used machinery market is red hot. Find out why auction goers applauded after a 1995 Case IH 7220 tractor sold last week at an auction in Illinois. "If I had been there, I would have been clapping

Recent auction prices on combines

Are you in the market to buy, sell or trade a combine? If so, take a look at recent sale prices Machinery Pete has compiled in this week's column. "I'd strongly suggest studying recent sale price trends before jumping in," he says.

Used equipment values now versus 10 years ago

How do current used equipment values compare to 10 years ago? Find out in this week's column as Machinery Pete checks the data and gives us the scores on several different pieces of equipment.


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