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Engine repair & maintenance news and updates. Find articles on maintaining and caring for engines on your farm, including pickups, tractors and more. Get engine repair & maintentance ideas and information from experts and other farmers.

Thermostat Tune-Up By: 04/17/2014 @ 10:25am

The purpose of a thermostat is to reduce engine warm-up time, maintain optimal running temperature, and help with heater output, if so equipped.When an engine (gas or diesel) is cold, a number of undesirable…

SCR components critical in modern diesel engines By: 03/06/2014 @ 9:44am

In the Mid-February issue of Successful Farming,, I covered the basics of diesel exhaust fluid (DEF). I followed up with a brief overview of the components employed in a selective catalytic reduction (SCR)…

5 often-overlooked engine maintenance tips By: 02/05/2014 @ 10:30am

When maintaining equipment, often the most simple of additional steps yields the greatest return. The following are five often-overlooked – but crucial – maintenance procedures from the Engine…

Tending to MAF sensors By: 01/10/2014 @ 8:16am

Caring for the mass airflow sensor (MAF) on light-duty diesel pickup engines should be part of every preventive maintenance program. A traditional diesel engine employs a mechanical injection system. Newer…

Pig Drinker By: 12/16/2013 @ 8:03pm

Duck-billed Pig DrinkerDuck-billed pig drinker consists of valve body, valve plug, sealing ring, return spring, corking, sieve, etc. The valve body and valve plug are made of brass and stainless steel, the…

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