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For your ATV: Ramp it up

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    Roger Johnson has a lot of pastures to check each day. The Chandler, Minnesota, farmer took to his shop for a solution to an increasingly back-numbing task. "I got tired of opening gates, so I built a way to get in and out of pastures."

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    So, he built a type of ramp into his pastures. Though only 14 inches in height, they allow Johnson to drive in and out of his pastures on his ATV without having to open and close gates.

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    Johnson started at an old round bale feeder. He cut a segment of the outside ring of the feeder, then cut 3 more of the same length.

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    He then used pieces of elevator auger flighting to attach and support the rounded segments from the bale feeder.

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    "I welded the flighting to the bows of the hay feeder and welded 1x1-inch supports to hold it apart," Johnson says.

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    So far, Johnson has made 5 of these ATV ramps. He places them between sections of fencing, flush on either side, exactly the width of his ATV.

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    Though it leaves a gap in his fencing, Johnson says the ramp's height gives it a similar function to a cattle guard. "The height is 14 inches above the ground, so the cows will not cross it," he says.

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