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Precision agriculture news and updates. Find articles on precision agriculture systems, GPS systems, lightbars, new technology, new products and more. Get precision agriculture information for your farm operation from experts and other farmers.

Manage Machinery and Agronomic Data By: 11/24/2014 @ 2:44pm

Many of you guard your data like a chef guarding a prized recipe. For years, you’ve worked diligently to tweak the ingredients of your secret sauce that leads to a…

Data-Driven Future By: 08/08/2014 @ 2:59pm

Sandy, clay, or loamy. Know what soil types exist within your fields with a soil data layer feature from FarmLogs.The…

Farm Activities Tracking Device By: 10/30/2014 @ 3:36pm

The story of your farm begins with you. It’s a tale that only you can write. As you plant and harvest season after…

Gadget Gift Guide By: 10/29/2014 @ 4:29pm

The perfect Christmas gifts for the techie in your family.

Q & A: Gregg Sauder By: 10/21/2014 @ 9:24am

After Monsanto purchased Precision Planting and Gregg Sauder left the business, some thought he would retire or slow down. Sauder wasn’t interested. He’s back at it again with a new business: 360 Yield…

Helping Farmers Invest in Technology By: 10/16/2014 @ 3:04pm

Word of mouth can be a powerful marketing tool, especially in a farming community. “Coffee shops are great,” says Ben Flansburg. “My brother, sister, and I started offering grid soil sampling about seven…

RemoteView provides instant visibility to multiple decision makers By: 08/28/2014 @ 9:28am

The latest version of Precision Planting's FieldView app is now available in the app store.“Most farm operations have multiple decision makers,” says Kyle Plattner, lead user interface designer for…

Raven Introduces Precise, Consistent Nozzle Control System By: 08/13/2014 @ 7:51am

The Applied Technology Division of Raven Industries has introduced Hawkeye, a pressure-based nozzle control system that provides precise, accurate application across the entire sprayer boom."Our customers are…

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