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Precision agriculture news and updates. Find articles on precision agriculture systems, GPS systems, lightbars, new technology and more.

Handheld Devices Provide Poor Location Accuracy By: 04/01/2015 @ 11:40am

Flagging the location of a weed infestation in a field on your handheld tablet or phone can be done these days – just don’t rely on the mark to guide you back. When…

LIDAR Tech Helps Flooded Farms By: 03/06/2015 @ 3:54pm

New drainage technology that uses pulsed lasers to map topographic elevations is enabling farms to safely drain…

Here's a Way to Use Crop Inputs More Efficiently By: 02/06/2015 @ 1:45pm

When it comes to precision farming, Marc Hasenick has a unique problem. Winters aren’t long enough, he claims, to…

How the Proposed UAV Rules Impact Ag By: 03/06/2015 @ 1:31pm

You’ve heard the hype about unmanned aircraft. A study by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) shows the UAS industry will create over 100,000 jobs and generate $82 billion in…

Outback STX By: 03/05/2015 @ 4:31pm

With the introduction of the Outback STX v1.1 software upgrade, AgJunction has made its system, which combines full RTK capability in an autosteer-ready terminal, even more versatile. Among the many functional…

Self-Aware Iron: Someday Your Tractor Will Drive Itself By: 02/06/2015 @ 3:47pm

The old adage, “A tool is only as smart as its operator,” may be going bye-bye in the near future. That’s because the digital technology world is starting to move from automation to full-on…

Shrink Tech Spending by Buying Used Equipment By: 02/02/2015 @ 12:20pm

Cutting costs with used technology can be a potential savings, but you have to be aware of what you are getting and weigh the costs and benefits.“Used cabling is almost never a good idea; it can be damaged…

Outback Guidance Auto Steer By: 02/02/2015 @ 11:15am

If you ask a grower which precision ag technology is most likely to impact his or her bottom line, more often than not, the answer is auto steer. Companies like Outback Guidance continue to refine and improve…

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