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Precision agriculture news and updates. Find articles on precision agriculture systems, GPS systems, lightbars, new technology, new products and more. Get precision agriculture information for your farm operation from experts and other farmers.

Advanced Software Enables Site-Specific Farming By: 01/02/2015 @ 2:57pm

Hunt Farm, based in Blandinsville, Illinois, insists it farms “one acre at a time.” That is, indeed, the case, due in part to Ag Leader SMS Advanced software and two…

Farmer Incorporates Engineering Background Into Operation By: 01/02/2015 @ 3:12pm

Despite being part of the baby boomer generation, Tom Baughman, who grows nearly 4,000 acres of row crops and…

Water-Monitoring Project By: 01/05/2015 @ 10:04am

How much fertilizer is going out of the tile drain? Kent Bartholomay wants to know.Doyle Johannes wonders if phosphates…

Precision Planting Announces Row-By-Row Insecticide Control By: 01/22/2015 @ 11:25am

At Precision Planting’s annual winter conference the company introduced vDrive Insecticide, a more precise metering and control system for granular insecticide application on planters.The idea was inspired…

Beck’s Flo-Rite™ Seed Firmer Study By: 01/12/2015 @ 11:00pm

Beck’s Hybrids PFR program conducts more than 75 different studies across multiple locations (500+ acres) to learn how different management practices and new…

Colorado Farmer Uses Guidance on Tractor, Planter By: 01/02/2015 @ 3:30pm

With few exceptions, one of the standard recommendations for anyone considering a strip-till program is to acquire the sub-inch accuracy of an RTK auto guidance system, which allows you to stay on the row even…

Manage Machinery and Agronomic Data By: 11/24/2014 @ 2:44pm

Many of you guard your data like a chef guarding a prized recipe. For years, you’ve worked diligently to tweak the ingredients of your secret sauce that leads to a successful season. So compromising control…

Farm Activities Tracking Device By: 10/30/2014 @ 3:36pm

The story of your farm begins with you. It’s a tale that only you can write. As you plant and harvest season after season, another chapter is created. The data you collect gives you the ability to tell that…

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Precision Planting vDrive Insecticide

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