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Precision agriculture news and updates. Find articles on precision agriculture systems, GPS systems, lightbars, new technology and more.

Pre-Owned Precision Ag Tools By: 04/13/2015 @ 11:45am

When you think of used equipment, the first items that probably come to mind are combines and tractors. Have you ever thought of buying pre-owned precision ag tools as…

Here's a Way to Use Crop Inputs More Efficiently By: 02/06/2015 @ 1:45pm

When it comes to precision farming, Marc Hasenick has a unique problem. Winters aren’t long enough, he claims, to…

Handheld Devices Provide Poor Location Accuracy By: 04/01/2015 @ 11:40am

Flagging the location of a weed infestation in a field on your handheld tablet or phone can be done these days – just…

Big Advantages but Buyer Beware of Pre-Owned Precision By: 04/13/2015 @ 12:53pm

Like any other product in the used market, Alabama farmer Jamie Blythe does her homework before she purchases pre-owned precision.“In our sprayer, we have a used 2630 display,” she says. “It’s been…

Building a Business Around Used Precision Ag By: 04/13/2015 @ 11:49am

At work in the precision ag industry for more than a decade, Jonathan Bickel began his career as a software salesman. He realized early on that pre-owned precision was an untapped market. “In 2003, I started…

LIDAR Tech Helps Flooded Farms By: 03/06/2015 @ 3:54pm

New drainage technology that uses pulsed lasers to map topographic elevations is enabling farms to safely drain table-flat fields in the Red River Basin. Now mapped with high precision, the fields and ditches…

How the Proposed UAV Rules Impact Ag By: 03/06/2015 @ 1:31pm

You’ve heard the hype about unmanned aircraft. A study by the Association for Unmanned Vehicle Systems International (AUVSI) shows the UAS industry will create over 100,000 jobs and generate $82 billion in…

Outback STX By: 03/05/2015 @ 4:31pm

With the introduction of the Outback STX v1.1 software upgrade, AgJunction has made its system, which combines full RTK capability in an autosteer-ready terminal, even more versatile. Among the many functional…

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Minneapolis-Moline G1355-Ageless Iron

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