Repair and Maintenance

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Pinpoint Planting With These 4 Steps

Planter Doctor Kevin Kimberley walks you through the four steps to focus on before planting starts, including tuning up your seed meters, row units, planter components, and taking a test run.


Difference in New, Reman, and Rebuilt Parts

When exploring a part purchase, you are often faced with the decision between new, reman, or rebuilt. The term new is self-explanatory, but many get confused with the terms reman and rebuilt.


Interpreting Oil Viscosity Ratings

This characteristic is defined as a fluid’s resistance to flow. Viscosity defines the force required to move a given layer of fluid past another layer at a given speed and standard separation. 



About Repair and Maintenance

Get repair and maintenance tips on engines, tires, planters, tillage equipment, and more from the SF Service Team.

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