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Cool Tools: Unique tool designs

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    After experiencing the frustration of not being able to use a socket set to tighten nuts on extra-long bolts, attempting to remove a pulley with a two-armed puller, or trying to remove wheel locks or damaged lug nuts, you will appreciate the innovations extended in this recent offering of tools that just hit the marketplace.

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    Pass-Thru socket set

    The hole in this ratchet wrench reveals that Crescent’s Pass-Thru Ratchet and Socket system has the unique ability to work on bolts or rods of any length. The sockets snap into a socket-like retainer in the ratchet. Eliminating the traditional square drive on the ratchet also provides for the shortest stack-height of any tool on the market.

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    The other advantage of the CX6PT20 set is that the sockets grip six different types of fasteners, including hex, square, 12-point, external Torx, spline, and even partially rounded hex heads. The 20-piece set includes popular SAE and metric-size sockets for a suggested retail price of $39.99. For more information, go to

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    German precision in a three-arm puller

    If you’ve had to manhandle a pulley or steering wheel removal alone, you will testify that three arms are better than two. The German-built Kukko 3 Arm Puller not only offers a third arm but also employs ArmLock technology, which guarantees maximum stability of the sliding arms and their hooks during use.

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    The geometry of the puller’s crossbar and sliding parts has been rounded to ensure easy movement of the extractor hooks along the crossbar, yet simultaneously offering a rock-solid hold once positioned on the bolts. The suggested list price for the Kukko 3 Arm Puller is $270.80. For more, visit

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    332-tooth ratchet

    The 32 teeth that comprise Hazet’s Reversible Ratchet mechanism provide quick ratcheting work with short swings of the tool’s handle. The HZ863S also features a socket locking device and quick-release button. The ½-inch-drive version of the HZ916SP retails for $134.00. For more, visit

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    Space to turn around

    The internal tapered reverse threads on Ken-Tool’s 4-Piece Lug Nut Remover Impact Socket Set lock onto damaged nuts to remove them. It is offered with a limited lifetime warranty and retails for $59.95. The set includes 3∕4-, 13∕16-, 1-, and 11∕8-inch sockets all with a 1∕2-inch drive. To learn more, visit

These recent introductions are sure to make your life easier.

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