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Not Your Typical Tools

Updated: 05/07/2014 @ 12:06pm

Here is a toolbox of some of the latest tool inventions to hit the market. Check out the latest tool introductions at Agriculture.com/machinery/tools.

Tool set created for trailer terminal care
Neatly tucked into a storage folder, the HD Fleet Technician’s Electrical Terminal Set can tackle cleaning and maintenance chores for most common electrical connectors and connections on trailers.

The set includes 10 diamond-coated round micro files, flat male/female terminal cleaners in two sizes, a red trailer light bullet connector cleaner, ABS sensor power connector cleaner, and two seven-round pin socket harness cleaners. A tube of DeoxIT chemical solution is included in the set.  

The Kit 8048 retails for $119.95. For more information and to order, visit Ipatools.com.

Go-thru wrenches with universal 1/4- and 3/8-inch sockets
Craftsman combined the best of both of their latest design advances in their Universal Max Axess 85-piece Mechanics Tool Set. Not only are the ratchets and sockets low profile (to fit in tight spaces), but the sockets can also lock on to six different fastener head types, including six- and 12-point hex, torx, spline, and square heads. As an added plus, the sockets are effective at holding on to partially rounded hex heads.

The Mechanics Tool Set includes both 1∕4-inch and 3∕8-inch SAE and metric sockets with 55 different heads. 

Other tools in the set include a hollow-shaft handle (for sockets), two ratchets, socket extensions, drive bit and socket adapters, and a 20-piece screwdriver bit set.

The suggested list price for the 37698 set is $119, which includes a lifetime guarantee. For more information, go to Craftsman.com.

Ultimate hose clamp pliers
Engineered specifically for spring-band hose clamps (which are such a job to remove using conventional pliers), the German-built Hazet HZ798-10 hose clamp pliers (shown above) employ heads that slip over clamp tangs holding the fastener in place. 

The working width of the pliers can be readily adjusted to fit the diameter of the clamp being removed. A locking hook allows the pliers to be locked open for positioning the clamps over hoses. 

The suggested retail price on the HZ798-10 is $302.80. For more information, go to Angloamericantools.com.

Universal driver head also slips over long bolts
What differentiates Milwaukee’s nut drivers from similar tools on the market is that the implement’s universal heads will engage square, hex, 12-point, and spline-headed fasteners.

Plus, the Hollow Shaft SAE Nut Driver Set has the ability to remove rusted and stripped bolts. To further enhance the set’s usefulness, Milwaukee built the tools with a 3-inch hollow shaft design. This allows the drivers to slip over long bolts or threaded rods. 

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