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Infrared Heat Lamp

12/12/2013 @ 3:58am

This heat lamp is employing the ion-tech to produce sun-like thermal radiation which can create ideal conditions for rearing animalsIn pig farming, the infrared transforms the electric into heat and heat radiation acts directly on the bodies of piglets, reducing the heat waste to help piglets growth and resistance to diseases.

1High quality: Toshiba lamp filament Toshiba, hard glass (no burst in cold water) and Osram special lamp holder mud
2Advanced and practical: ion-penetration patented technology, efficiently converting the electric power into heat to promote piglet growth and enhance their immunity
3Saving energy: the heat radiation converted by infrared acts directly on piglets, reducing heat waste

The lamp has such excellent penetration effect that the infrared radiation warms not only the surface of the skin directly exposed to the lamp, but the underlying tissue and the muscle layersAs a result, the blood and lymph vessels microcirculation is improved and a greater amount of oxygenated blood is supplied to the cellsSo the piglets can grow faster and have greater resistance to infection and illness.

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