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Cool Tool Videos

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    Innovations abound in the latest tool introductions. Every week Dave Mowitz, Successful Farming magazine’s executive editor of machinery and technology, breaks down what you need to know about these new gadgets.

  • sparkle clean

    Sparkle Clean
    In this video, Dave takes a look at unusual shop supplies, including Sparkle Clean, the Striker Utility Knife, Snap-on pry tools, and the rugged Dickies tool bag.

  • lighted pick up tool

    Lighted Pick Up Tool
    Dave shares two lighted tools – the lighted pick up tool from Sensible Products and General Tools lighted screwdriver. Also, check out the Kukko 3-arm puller and Nes thread repair tools.

  • grease joint rejuvenator

    Grease Joint Rejuvenator
    Discover the Grease Joint Rejuvenator Master Kit, Compact Wheel Dolly, Ken-Tool Lug Nut Remover, and Thin-Wall Impact Sockets.

  • extendable flashlight

    Extendable Flashlight
    Light hard to reach areas with the EMF-2 extendable flashlight. Also see the Gearwrench 84 tool ratchet, Hazet torque wrench, and Snap-on torque screwdriver.

  • terminal maintenance kit

    Terminal Maintenance Kit
    In this video, Dave shares the Fleet Technicians Electrical Terminal Maintenance Kit, Briggs and Stratton 3300 Elite Power Washer, Edge Care Plus Disc Sharpener, and the Campbell Hausfeld CS1104.

  • gator jaws

    Gator Jaws
    This selection of tools includes two with quirky names – the Gator Jaws canister removal tool and Groovy Grip locking pliers. Also check out IR77-30 adjustable wrench and magnetic sweepers.

  • digital flow meter

    Digital Flow Meter
    In this video, Dave looks at fuel tools, including the Digital Flow Meter, Jarhead Gauge, PT500 Transfer System, and the Husky DEF Polymer Nozzle.

  • soldering iron

    Soldering Iron
    Check out the Weller soldering iron, Ingersoll Rand impact wrench, Striker mechanical pencil, and Hazet hose clamp pliers.

A selection of the newest tools and shop supplies to hit the market.

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