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Top Features: A Look at Machinery and Crops

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    Spring Finally Rolls Around

    Spring is finally here! If you're in the mood for a good laugh, check out these recent Corn Time comics by Bob Lang.

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    New Planter Technology

    Innovations Editor, Jessie Scott gets an in-depth look at the newest technologies in planters. Click here to see the newest tech!

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    Shop Design Tips

    Are you thinking about designing a new shop and need some inspiration? There are many things to consider when designing the perfect shop for you. Check out these ideas to get a good start on the planning process.

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    Top Shops: A Major Floor Plan

    When building a shop the main theme is to be very functional. An office, large doors, and organization are only a few key things to include in a modern day shop. Check out this previous Top Shops Contest winner to see what he did.

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    Planter Innovations

    In the past year we have seen dramatic advances in planter technology with electric-driven meters, multihybrid planters, and the end of the seed tube, to name a few. Click here to see what other exciting innovations are.

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    Department Store Tractors

    For a time in the 1930s and well into the 1960s, farm machinery wasn't only available at a machinery dealer. With a quick trip down to your nearest department store, you could pick up a new tractor.

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    Brazil's Soybean Crop Size is Uncertain

    Due to a large flood that happened in northern Brazil, many are concerned about what that means for the crops that the country expects to harvest this season. Learn more to find out why.

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    All Around the Farm: Sprayer Tank Frame

    Jon Liechty from Berne, Indiana, came up with a cost-effective way to kill two birds with one stone, so to speak. Jon designed a pallet system that houses the sprayer tank that can be removed easily.

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    All Around the Farm: Stairwell Storage

    Many of us have basements with a large area of unused space. Here's a neat idea for utilizing that space – it may surprise you with its simplicity. Check it out.

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    Goodbye Topsoil

    Having good soil biology is always a good thing. That's exactly what alfalfa does when you plant corn immediately after. The corn roots tend to follow the alfalfa roots to protect the precious topsoil from windstorms. Learn more.

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    How to Improve Wheat Yields

    Even just a little bit of phosphorus can do amazing things for your winter wheat. Steve Dvorak, an agronomist with Ducks Unlimited, will tell you why.

A look at the top features on about machinery and crops.

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