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Hot Rod 4020 finds a new home

  • Instructions

    Chip Foose (at left and in light green shirt) gives instructions to Harold Beaver (in seat) on starting the customized John Deere 4020.

  • A happy winner

    Harold Beaver thanks Chip Foose for the tractor and his customization.

  • New logo

    A unique new customized look for the tried and true 4020 logo.

  • Spiffed-up engine

    The Foose-designed grille (at the left) played off the design elements in the old 4020 styling. However, those exhaust pipes (at the right) are certainly not reminiscent of the old 4020 manifold.

  • A slick new look

    Special decals and stylized paint job provided the old workhorse 4020 with a street rod look.

  • Yellow

    The engine was painted yellow...but certainly not John Deere yellow.

  • From street to stock

    The modifications Foose Design made to the special promotion 4020 can all be removed...although who would ever want to do that?

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