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Tractors Of The Past: John Deere 5010

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This blog post was originally published on Machinefinder.com on March 19th, 2012. The original post can be found here.

Life in the 1930s was a time when row crop tractors were prevalent in the farming industry, as these models were capable of cultivating row crops and featured one front wheel or two closely-spaced front wheels that traveled between two rows, according to Ag Web.

The industry saw several changes occur in the coming years, but the issue of power was always prominent. Many of the machines featured wide rear fenders, panels around the front of the operator’s platform and treads to help harness the power of the machine.

But more power was needed, according to the news source, and this came from John Deere in the early 1960s.

John Deere introduced the John Deere 5010 model as the first two-wheel-drive tractor to produce more than 100 drawbar horsepower, in 1963, according to Tractor Data. More than 7,500 of these models were built in the Waterloo, Iowa factory, and the eight-speed machine was larger than its predecessors.

This massive model weighed 16,600 pounds and was powered by a 6-cylinder, 531-cubic-inch John Deere diesel engine, according to Ag Web.

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