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2 for 1 tractor trade? 03/25/2013 @ 10:44am I have a related question, should one do a two for one tractor trade instead? If a person uses their 300 hp tillage tractor about 300 hours/year and their 150 hp planter/sprayer tractor about 300 hour/year, they could own one 300 hp MFWD and use it for everything. By doubling the hours of use for the big tractor, the per hour operating costs drop significantly. Total ownership costs work out the same, but one would only have one tractor to maintain that is half as old and could be kept more current (reliable?) for the same money. The down side is that the tractor would spend half of its life idling through the field. The extra weight and tire tracks might have some impact on yield, but I am not sure how to quantify it. I can argue that either way is the only correct answer. Any great insights?

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