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10,000+ hour tractors

Agriculture.com Staff 02/09/2016 @ 8:42pm

You see them around a lot more these days.

Tractors with 10,000 or more hours. It seems to me the first 15 of my 20 years tracking auction sale price data, when I'd run across a tractor sold with 10,000+ hours, the number seemed so incredibly high. It was almost like, "Wow, look at that, a tractor with 10K+ hours. . . Yikes!"

Now, it's no big deal.

In fact the last two years in particular I've noticed how auction sale prices on tractors with high hours have really shot up. But beyond the rising sale price numbers, it also seems to me that there has been a gradual shifting of opinion about 10,000+ hour tractors. Didn't seem like these tractors got much respect before. They were afterthoughts. Perhaps purchased as emergency backup tractors for low dollars.

Today 10,000+ hour tractors in good condition are even, dare I say, in demand.

This point was driven home to me last month by a Case IH 7120 tractor sold at auction. A 1991 model 7120, front-wheel assist, with 9,453 hours sold for $29,000 in northeast Nebraska on February 17, 2009. Compare that to the 1991 Case IH 7120 front-wheel assist with 9,931 hours sold almost exactly seven years earlier, on February 28, 2002, on an auction in northwest Wyoming for $23,000.

Seven years older, yet it sold for $6,000 more.

Eleven days after the 1991 Case IH 7120 sold for $29,000 on the Nebraska auction, I saw a 1990 model 7120 with 9,346 hours sell for $24,000 on a sale in north-central Iowa on February 28, 2009. That 7120 was a two-wheel drive model.

I know the 7120s in my examples didn't quite have 10,000 hours but close enough. You get my point about how these high hour tractors in good condition are actually in demand today, right?

That pair of Case IH 7120s got me to thinking. Boy, wouldn't it be cool if I could pull out of the auction results database in my Web site, all the tractors I've seen sold at auction over the last 13 years that have had 9,000 or more hours? Yep, sure would be fun to look at those prices.

So I did it.

Click on the link below to pull up this 23-page report of all the auction sale prices I've compiled since 1996 on tractors with at least 9,000 hours. Pay special attention to the 'Date' column, which tells you the month/year the tractor sold.

A note about the data: The tractors listed are only those reported to us with specific number of hours (9,000 or more). Obviously, many tractors trade hands numerous times over the years. Many are overhauled and the owners either lose track or don't know the total number of hours. We have tons and tons of auction sale price data on tractors like this, but I haven't included them here as no one knows how many total hours they have on them.

OK, time to show a little love to the very high hour tractor. Click on the link below and enjoy.

Click here to view auction sale prices on tractors with 9,000+ hours .

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