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For sale, used outhouse

Agriculture.com Staff 02/10/2016 @ 2:06pm

"Hey Pete, what's this thing worth?"

I get asked this question every day. Could be a question on a truck, a tractor, maybe a combine, planter, disk, skid steer, or auger. Heck, it could even be stuff like post hole diggers, generators, tanks and welders. We have approximately 75 categories of equipment that we track auction sale price data on. So we pretty much have seen it all over the years.

You know I'm setting you up, right? Yep, I ran across a new one last week on an upcoming sale bill in Wisconsin on April 26, 2008. Something I have to admit, I haven't seen sell at auction before.

An outhouse.

I've seen used hot tubs sold at auction. I've seen used airplanes sold at auction. But I have never seen a used outhouse sold at auction.

Now usually when folks ask me, "Hey, Pete, what's this thing worth?", I start asking questions like what year is it? How many hours? Size? Overall condition? Let's apply these pertinent questions to the outhouse up for sale.

Year: pre-indoor plumbing era

Hours: countless

Size: three seater (worth more than two seater)

Condition: crappy

Pardon my French on the condition rating. I couldn't help myself. Actually the outhouse for sale appears to be in good shape. But this tale gets even better. The name of the auction firm holding the April 26th auction featuring the outhouse?

B&M Auction.

Untitled Document

Nope, I didn't make it up. Check out the sale bill at http://www.bm-auctions.com/calendar11.html. There's even a picture of the outhouse on the sale bill. That's definitely worth a look. Two less unusual items on this auction are a JD 4240 tractor and a NH 488 haybine. Click on the links below to see what they've been selling for the last few years at auction.

Additional auction sale price data on John Deere 4240 tractors

Additional auction sale price data on New Holland 488 haybines

"Hey Pete, what's this thing worth?"

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