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Giving Allis Chalmers lovers what they want

Agriculture.com Staff 11/27/2015 @ 9:28am

Lots of Allis fans out there in farm country.

I know because I've heard from many of them over the years. . . "Hey Pete, sure would be great if you could print some more Allis prices once in a while."

I just talked to another big Allis Chalmers supporter on the phone today, Noah from Pennsylvania. Noah called to visit. It seems he was interested in an Allis Chalmers D21 tractor on an upcoming auction later this month in northern Pennsylvania. The sale bill said it was a honey, a one-owner tractor with only 3,500 hours.

Noah was wondering what it was worth.

I told him about the three nice D21s we had seen sell at auction for between $5,600 and $6,100. Also told him of the nicest of the D21s we've run across. It sold a few years back. It was a 1967 model with just 1,910 hours on it. It was a second owner tractor with new 18.4-34 tires and duals, three point and weights. It was listed in excellent overall condition.

It sold for $7,600 in east-central Illinois.

Now Noah is better prepared for the sale. I wished him luck, told him to give me a buzz after the sale, report back what that D21 sold for. We talked a bit more. He mentioned all the other older AC tractors he owns and spoke favorably of how they've treated him over the years despite lots of good hard use.

Okay, all you Allis Chalmers lovers out there, don't say Machinery Pete doesn't love you. Click on the link below to pull up a large PDF file containing auction sale price data we've compiled over the last five years or so on older model AC tractors.

Click here to download a PDF of older Allis Chalmers tractor auction sale prices.

Lots of Allis fans out there in farm country.

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