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Gravity wagons up 50% in value

Agriculture.com Staff 11/28/2015 @ 7:10am

I think they're nuts.

Who? The folks we call "storm spotters." These are the guys and gals our local TV weatherperson references when they're telling us about dangerous storms approaching, as in "Radar shows a classic hook pattern developing indicating the likelihood of tornadoes. Our storm spotters on the ground are confirming funnel clouds."

Thanks for the info. Now take cover!

Seriously, I'm thankful for the courageous work these folks do to help warn us about trouble on the way so we can better protect our families. While I don't think I'll be applying for a storm spotting job any time soon, there is another type of "spotting" job I do.

Trend spotting.

Specifically on trends in the used farm equipment market. I'm not talking life and death information here like storm spotters do. Nonetheless, the trends I spot based on the auction sale price data my company compiles can help folks save big money when buying, selling or trading equipment.

The cool thing about this auction sale price data is that it allows me to go beyond anecdotal evidence and prove, or disprove, any statement about used machinery values. For example, this winter I've heard from guys telling me that used gravity wagons have gone up as much as 50% in value.

Fifty percent. Really? Sounds like a lot. Let's test that theory.

What's the most common used gravity wagon I see sold at auction? Probably the Kilbros 350 wagon. Click on the link below, and you can view all 399 Kilbros 350 wagons we've seen sell at auction over the past 11 years.

But what about values? Are Kilbros 350 gravity wagons worth much more now than they were last year? Yep, check out the facts.

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Average Auction
Sale Price








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