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Machinery Pete: John Deere 4455 tractor & loader sold for $94,500

Agriculture.com Staff 11/26/2015 @ 4:38am

Last week in my online column I wrote about how used farm equipment values peaked in 2008 and have slid just a bit here in 2009.

There are exceptions of course.

Some items continue to be in exceptionally high demand in the used market. Very low hour tractors with a bit of age on them for instance. I'm talking anywhere from 5 to 35 years old. If they have low hours, are first or second owner tractors and are in very good condition, auction sale prices still can reach record levels.

Do you sense where I'm going with this? I bet you do. Yep, I just caught wind of one of those record high sale prices I'm talking about. Here's the scoop...on a farm retirement auction last Saturday (Oct. 3rd) in south-central South Dakota, a 1991 model JD 4455 MFWD tractor with 1,423 original one owner hours was up for sale. It was in excellent condition and had always been shedded. It sold with a nice JD 280 loader.

Sale price? $94,500.

Nope, that first digit isn't turned upside down. The tractor and loader sold for $94,500. Very nearly $100K for an 18-year old tractor. Like I said, you show me a very, very low hour used tractor in super condition with some age on it and I'll show you a bushel full of interested bidders.

Check out the video I just posted highlighting this 1991 JD 4455 tractor and loader sold for $94,500 last Saturday.

One other segment of the used farm equipment market that isn't down this year, but actually is up significantly is the "Tillage" categories of equipment. Check out these facts I pulled from the "Calculator" pricing tool in our Machinerypete.com web site today on some common used "Disks":

CaseIH 496 Disk Values (20-29')

Average Auction
Sale Price









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