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Machinery Pete: Prices on used GPS equipment

Agriculture.com Staff 11/29/2015 @ 6:55pm

"Hey Pete, you should do a column on used GPS equipment."

Boy, have I heard that comment a lot over the past year from folks that read my column in Successful Farming magazine or online here at www.agriculture.com.

Seems more and more folks are interested in what this stuff is worth, especially now that its been out on the market for a few years.

I know on the auction front, folks at the sales really perk up when some of this GPS stuff comes up for bid. You can almost sense folks leaning in a bit, straining to following the auctioneer's call..."What did it bring?"

I witnessed this firsthand two weeks ago when I attended a small retirement auction in north-central Iowa. On the auction was a Deere SF1 Auto Trac system, receiver, display, processor and key card to be sold as a unit. It brought $6,600. The Deere universal Auto trac steering wheel sold separate for $2,300.

The highest priced Deere GPS item I've seen sell at auction so far went for $18,000. It was an "RTK GPS system, auxiliary base station," sold March 7, 2008 on a farm auction in southeast Washington state. Nineteen days later (March 26, 2008), I saw 2006 and 2007 model RTK GPS systems sell for $17,500 each on an auction in south-central Idaho.

When I started tracking auction sale price data 19 years ago, I never could have imagined some day I'd be looking at sale prices on GLOBAL POSITIONING equipment. Quite a world we live, isn't it?

"Hey Pete, you should do a column on used GPS equipment."

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