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Plastic still on the seat

Agriculture.com Staff 02/05/2016 @ 4:18pm


Now this week I'll shine my spotlight on a 16-year-old tractor that sold for $60,000. It's a 1992 model John Deere 4455 two-wheel drive with 2,101 hours, which sold on a farm auction in southeast Nebraska last Saturday (August 16th).

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How high is that? I checked our database of auction sale prices in my Web site (www.machinerypete.com) and found 246 John Deere 4455s listed. The list went back 12 years. Sixty thousand dollars is the second highest auction price in the last 12 years! And to clarify further, the only higher sale price ($61,000) was on a 4455 that was a mechanical front-wheel drive model sold with a JD 740 loader.

So really, $60,000 is the new all-time high for auction prices on John Deere 4455s. Click here to view more auction sale price data on John Deere 4455 tractors.

Obviously this was a super nice tractor. So nice the auctioneer Rick Jurgens told me the plastic was still on the seat. Wow. It's so fun to find auctions like this where the original owner took such painstakingly wonderful care of all of his equipment.

A few other highlights from the sale were the John Deere 158 loader with 7-foot bucket (like new) that sold for $6,400. Once again, that's the highest auction sale price I've seen in 12 years. Click here to view more auction sale price data on John Deere 158 loaders.

Another record setter was the 1996 John Deere 9400 combine with 935 engine hours. Don't find them too often with under 1,000 engine hours, do you? This machine was a beauty and sold for $80,500, which makes it the highest price I've run across for a John Deere 9400.

More high prices: $2,200 for a John Deere 350 9-foot sickle mower and $10,000 for a Brent 472 grain cart.


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