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We live in a now world.

Sometimes I wish we could turn off the 24/7 constant news cycle of information, especially so with all the doom and gloom economic news these days. Time out, I need a break to clear my head and think.


On the flip side, there are positives. In my little realm of reporting on auction sale prices from around the U.S. and Canada, it is, I think, very helpful to bring folks information on what stuff sold for today, or yesterday, or two or three days ago.

What's it worth right now?

Say you're in the market to possibly buy, sell or trade a GMC 7000 farm truck. Hmm, what's the going rate on a nice 7000? In that case I'm guessing you'd be interested to hear about the 1983 GMC 7000 twin screw truck with 21-foot steel box and hoist in good condition that sold yesterday (April 1, 2009) on a farm auction in south-central Nebraska.

It sold for $18,750.

I've included a picture of that GMC 7000 here so you can get a quick visual. Below is a slideshow highlighting a few other pieces of equipment sold on the south-central Nebraska auction yesterday. I've also included a link below showing all the GMC 7000 trucks I've seen sold at auction over the last couple years.

Click here to view auction sale prices on GMC 7000 trucks .

Click on the slideshow link below to view other pieces of equipment sold at the April 1, 2009, auction.

We live in a now world.

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