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The perfect Father's Day gift

Agriculture.com Staff 11/29/2015 @ 1:27pm

TLB = Tractor/Loader/Backhoe.

I live in a world of abbreviations. Compiling 25,000-plus auction sale prices a year on all different types of farm and construction equipment sold throughout North America as I have done for nearly 18 years now, you can imagine the need our staff has to condense things down a bit.

So we abbreviate wherever possible.

Most of these abbreviations are pretty standard stuff: 4WD = four-wheel drive, 3 pt. = three point, 2 hyd. = two hydraulics, CAH = cab/air/heat, 8RN = eight row narrow, etc. These codes are burned into my brain. I know my data entry staff can rattle them off no sweat. And you, the reader I'm sure have a good sense of these abbreviations having seen them on sale bills and advertisements for years.

But poor Paula, Kathy and Pam.

I must apologize to these fine ladies. They make up part of the great crew with Successful Farming magazine that has been hard at work to take all this auction sale price data I compile and turn it into a first-class annual book, our new "What's it Worth?" book, the first edition coming out this month.

Just in time for Father's Day. Hmm, a pretty cool gift idea, don't you think?

Our "What's it Worth?" book contains over 14,000 actual auction sale prices on all types of farm and construction equipment sold in the last year. The book will act as the sister guide to our "Rust Book".

Where the "Rust Book" contained auction sale prices on equipment more than 30 years old, our new "What's it Worth?" book contains the opposite, auction sale prices on newer equipment less than 30 years old.

So sale price data on 1- to 30-year-old tractors, combines, ATVs, cultivators, blades, trucks, trailers, drills, skid steers, disks, hay balers, mulchers, mowers, garden tractors, and manure spreaders are all in the book. All types of equipment are covered in this book.

Yep, even things like TLBs. We lump those into our CONSTRUCTION EQUIPMENT category. Here's a little preview for you, our auction price data on JCB, Case and Ford-NH tractor/loader/backhoes. Click on the links below to view the prices.

Untitled Document

The idea for this book came from you, our faithful readers. While we update our www.machinerypete.com Web site daily as new auction prices pour in, I know folks still like to have a handy little book they can flip through to study prices and bring with them wherever they go, like to farm auctions.

Untitled Document

Cost? Only $19.95. A pretty great deal to get 14,000-plus recent auction sale prices in one handy book I think. Click on the link for ordering information: www.farmhomecollection.com/whatsitworth.html.

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