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Used planter values rising rapidly

Agriculture.com Staff 11/30/2015 @ 3:50am

Apparently a few folks are looking to plant more acres of corn in '07.

Gee, I wonder why?

We all know why, very understandable. The used equipment market has definitely seen a spike in demand for high quality planters, especially for those with a bit of age on them. This increased demand has manifested itself some astonishingly high auction sale prices the last couple weeks.

Here are a few examples on both older and new planters.

1991 JD 7200 12R-30, sold 12/16/06, northwest Ohio auction: $26,750

JD 7200 16R-30, sold 12/1/06, south-central Minnesota auction: $26,000

JD 7200 12R-30, sold 12/19/06, northeast Nebraska auction: $18,000

JD 7200 6R-30, sold 12/9/06, west-central Michigan auction: $17,000

2006 JD 1720 16R-30, sold 11/14/06, south-central Nebraska auction: $51,000

JD 1750 8R-30, sold 12/6/06, northwest Wisconsin auction: $16,750

1997 JD 1760 12R-30, sold 12/15/06, northwest Illinois auction: $28,000

2005 JD 1770 24R-30, sold 12/9/06, northwest Missouri auction: $80,000

1999 JD 1780 12/23, sold 12/6/06, west-central Minnesota auction: $27,000

IHC 800 12R-30, sold 11/16/06, northeast North Dakota auction: $8,000

IHC 800 16R-30, sold 12/11/06, east-central Illinois auction: $10,300

IHC 800 32R-15, sold 12/11/06, east-central Illinois auction: $17,200

CaseIH 1200 12R-30, sold 12/18/06, south-central Nebraska auction: $39,000

1998 Kinze 2600 16R-30, sold 12/7/06, southwest Michigan auction:$34,000

2003 Kinze 3600 12/23, sold 12/3/06, west-central Iowa auction: $54,000

Study that first planter listed a minute, a 1991 model JD 7200 12R-30 for $26,750. How high is that? Looking through our auction sale price data, it seems for the first 10 months of 2006, nice 12-row 7200 planters had been selling in the $15,000 range, like these listed below. Note their date sold.

$10,500: sold 2/21/06, east-central Illinois

$13,500: sold 2/20/06, southeast Illinois

$15,000: sold 2/11/06, northeast Indiana

$15,000: sold 1/10/06, west-central Illinois

$15,200: sold 3/14/06, north-central Iowa

Do you suppose any one of us would have guessed we'd see a 1991 model 7200 sell for nearly $27,000 by year's end? Or that a 6R-30 7200 could bring $17,000 at auction? Not likely. A six row!

Just goes to show how imperative it is to stay on top of current market values if you're looking to buy, sell or trade. In 2007 more so than ever before.

Click here to download a PDF of auction sale price data for John Deere 7200 planters.

Click here to download a PDF of auction sale price data for IHC 800 planters.

Click here to download a PDF of auction sale price data for CaseIH 900 planters.

Click here to download a PDF of auction sale price data for White 6100 planters.

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