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What's a Gleaner R65 combine worth?

Agriculture.com Staff 11/27/2015 @ 8:21pm

Is it true? Do things really happen in threes?

Can't say I'm a very superstitious guy by nature, but if I hear about another Gleaner R65 combine or Parker 710 grain cart selling at auction in the next week or so, then call me a believer in the theory of threes.

I compile 20,000+ auction sale prices a year. That's a lot of data. So how surprised was I last Friday when I heard about two Gleaner R65 combines sold that day, one in Nebraska, the other in Illinois. This after having not run across a Gleaner R65 ever at auction.

The R65 in Nebraska was a 2004 model with 515 engine hours (358 separator hours). It had the Smart Trac System, turret type unload auger and a Cummins turbo diesel engine. It sold for $116,000.

Meanwhile, the R65 sold the same day (January 26) on a farm auction in west-central Illinois was a 2003 model with 509 engine hours (360 separator hours). It was listed in perfect condition. It was a rear-wheel assist model also with the Smart Trac System. It had been purchased new in 2005. It sold for $130,000.

Those were hard cash auction sale prices. When working to establish current value, I like to cross reference our auction sale price data with the data we compile on dealer advertised prices. A quick peek in the dealer equipment database in our Web site found a 2003 Gleaner R65 with 460 separator hours for sale by a dealer in southern Illinois. It was a rear-wheel assist model. The advertised price was $150,000.

Like R65 Gleaner combines, Parker 710 grain carts aren't items you run across every day on the auction market. I had only seen a few sell over the last couple years, once again, until last Friday.

On a farm auction in east-central Nebraska, we saw a nice Parker 710 sell for $10,000. Then I heard about another Parker 710 cart sold on a farm auction in south-central Nebraska yesterday (January 30). This one was a 1997 model in very nice shape. It sold for $8,650.

Two things I really love about this gig: one, running across hard to find pieces of equipment sold at auction and two, the fact that I never know what cool information tomorrow will bring.

Click on the links below to download a PDF of additional auction sale price data on Gleaner R Series combines and Parker grain carts.

Click here to download a PDF of auction sale price data for Gleaner R Series combines.

Click here to download a PDF of auction sale price data for Parker grain carts.

Is it true? Do things really happen in threes?

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