IHC 2+2 tractors bring big bucks

05/06/2011 @ 9:16am

I've always been kind of fascinated by IHC 2+2 tractors.

Why? Suppose it's just the different look on some of the 2+2 models. Made by International back in the early to mid 1980's for the most part (a few 2+2 models began production in late '70's), 2+2 tractors catch your eye. As I've tracked auction sale price data over the past two plus decades I always perk up when I see a sale with a nice 2+2 tractor.

Apparently I'm not the only one.

I've been noticing the last couple years that the very nice condition 2+2 tractors with reasonable to low hours have been selling for a lot more money at auction. Such was the case yesterday, May 3rd, on a machinery auction in southwest Minnesota by Henslin Auctions, Inc.

Auctioneer Allen Henslin called me on his drive home after the auction near Comfrey, MN. They sold an IHC 3588 2+2 with approximately 1,000 "1 owner" hours for $21,500, a new record high sale price I've seen on a 3588.

"We had bidders from Wisconsin and Illinois in on the tractor, but it wound up going to a local buyer," said Henslin, who reported a nice sale day crowd despite most of the equipment being older and in average condition.

The IHC 3588 had so few hours due to how it was used early in its life and the fact it had been not used and just shedded for the past 10-plus years.

$21,500 eclipsed the former record high auction sale price I'd seen on an IHC 3588 tractor, $18,500 for one with 1,200 hours sold June 12, 2010 on a farm auction in northeast Nebraska. That 3588 had been in storage since the mid 1980's when the owners, a pair of brothers, put their land into CRP. Here's Youtube video I shot at that auction:

Here are a few other examples of very high auction sale prices I've seen recently on IHC 2+2 tractors in the 3000 Model Series:

  • IHC 3088, year?, hours?, sold 9/4/10, northeast IN: $23,000  (new record price)
  • IHC 3288, year?, 4,843 hours, sold 3/25/11, east-central WI: $13,400  (2nd highest sale price since 2000)
  • IHC 3688, 1984, 2,444 hours, sold 3/28/09, northeast IA: $21,000  (new record price)
  • IHC 3788, 1981, 2,064 hours, sold 3/25/10, northeast MO: $16,000  (highest sale price since 2001)

So are these rising auction sale prices being paid for very nice condition 2+2 IHC tractors that are now 30 years old signs that these distinctive tractors are becoming new "collector" items? Perhaps. I do know that a little over a year ago I attended the Winter Convention of the International Collectors Club in Michigan. A few members brought their red tractors to show off. Which one was garnering the most looks?

The 3788 2+2.

But I do also think these 2+2 tractors have a loyal fan base out there, a niche fan base you could say, that have used them over the decades and love how they get their specific jobs done very well. Go with what you know I guess you could say. So when a really nice IHC 2+2 tractor with low hours shows up for sale?

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