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Jenny: The '65 Chevy C60

GREG PETERSON 06/08/2011 @ 2:50pm Greg Peterson writes "Machinery Pete" column for Successful Farming magazine and appears on the Machinery Show on RFD-TV, talking about trends in the used equipment market

Jenny needs a new home.

Who is Jenny? Not a person, a 1965 Chevy C60 truck actually. I get lots of emails and calls from folks looking for help with current values on all different types of used equipment. Some folks looking to buy and wondering what an item is worth, others looking to sell and wondering how much to ask.

But some inquiries are different. Yes, they need to know what it's worth, but I can tell there is a deep connection between man and machine. A family history. I love these calls and emails. Like the note I got recently from Nancy Reed of Sidell, IL. Nancy and husband Kevin are looking to sell their 1965 Chevy C60 truck. 


"Jenny was brought home from the Hooker & Sons dealership in Sidell, IL in the summer of 1965," said Nancy.  "She replaced Jenny I, a 1947 dark green, dome nosed truck. Jenny II's bed is from Midwest in Paris, IL.  She had a short block several years ago, but everything else is original.  As you can see, she has rust on her left side and beside her headlight."

So how did these trucks come to be known as Jenny I and Jenny II?

"I was an only child. When I was little dad brought home little books about Johnny Tractor and Clay the Combine. I thought if the John Deere tractor had a name all the other machinery should too, so I started naming them. I used to love to ramble around the country with dad and our dog (Tippy). There was no pickup so we road in our 1947 truck. For whatever reason I named her Jenny."

"I learned to drive her (Jenny II) from the field standing up. The first time I ever took my truck driving test, the examiner, who looked like Mr. Whipple on the old Charmin commercials, hung onto the door for dear life and afterwards told me that I did fine, but should have my dad check the power steering. My response was, that it would be a waste of time, seeing as how it didn't have power steering and never had. He about fainted!"

"She steers easier than our newer truck with power steering did."

That "newer" truck was a 1979 grain truck Nancy and Kevin just recently sold. "My dad bought it in 1980 or 1981 because it had power steering. Dad loved that truck, it was his favorite, but she and I never got along. We'd fight. We called her Twinky.

"My heart was still with Jenny."

Now it's time to sell Jenny. The Reeds recently purchased four new M&W big wagons, so they need for Jenny to haul the occasional load of grain to town isn't what it was. Nancy knows it makes sense to sell, but that doesn't make it easier.

"She's family. She works. I'm grateful for any help to find her a good home. She deserves it."

Yes she does. If anyone is looking for a good honest truck that has had a lifetime of loving care, drop Nancy an email at nancyreed55@gmail.com

What is Jenny worth? Trying to move beyond the emotional connection, below is a list of the last 640 Chevy C60's trucks I've seen sold at auction over the last 15 years.

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