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Rainfall amounts reported, much more needed

Agriculture.com Staff 02/14/2016 @ 6:34am

This week's rainfall amounts reported to Agriculture Online vary across the Corn Belt, with central Iowa receiving the least.

Representative of Midwest coffee shops, the topic of conversation on the 'Talk' section of Agriculture Online has been the weather. From Sunday night through Tuesday, Midwest farmers have seen amounts ranging from zero to 2.30".

An Agriculture Online visitor from Northwest Iowa stated, "I know around the Sheldon area they received .65". At the same time, rain amounts in Carroll were .10", and in north central Iowa .85". As of Wednesday, traces of rain had fallen in central Iowa.

In Indiana, one farmer said west central Indiana had flooding problems, with some growers replanting three times. In central Indiana, .50-.70" was reported, north central Indiana .62", and in northeast Indiana .40".

As of Wednesday, no rain had fallen in northwest Ohio in the last few days, according to one eastern Corn Belt farmer.

"For southeast Nebraska, rain was a bust, we didn't get any," one farmer posted.

A farmer located in Henry County, Illinois said no rain had fallen on his farm since .30" fell last Tuesday. "Lawns are brown, corn is rolling during the day and it is not even very hot," the Illinois farmer said.

However, the rain has reached northern Illinois. "We received 2.3" of rain this past Saturday night, which followed about 2.5" the weekend before."

In Olmsted County, Minnesota, moisture is reported adequate. "Our crops are ahead of schedule. We're cutting second crop hay and corn is waist high. It's very spotty though. 20 miles north needs rain. some crops are suffering from poor germination and wet spots," the Minnesota farmer said.

From Stearns County, Minnesota, rain is falling, but less than normal, according to one farmer. "We received 1.60" over Friday evening and Saturday, June 16 and 17. The total here for June is 2.00" and the average for June to date should be 2.90".

Rainfall amounts increase as you go south of the Corn Belt, according to one Agriculture Online visitor from western Tennessee. "Over the weekend, we got 3.40 ." It varied a lot over a small area , though. Just three miles away they had almost 5.00" and it went down from there with the 3.40" being about the least that was received," the Tennessee farmer said.

He added, "In this part of Tennessee, we normally get decent rain in June but were getting real dry before this rain. We were real dry in the early spring and then in May it rained a lot. We got dry again and now some rain. I wish it could be more consistent."

Looking ahead, southern parts of the Corn Belt are likely to see some heavy rains over the next several days, according to Freese-Notis Weather.

Most areas in the Midwest have a chance for rain from Tuesday-Saturday, the weather service reported. Specifically, areas along and south of Interstate 80 have a chance at seeing good rainfall amounts and good coverage.

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