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mark guildenzoph 10/02/2013 @ 8:00pm Wouldn't count on it the US is way under stocked and the production of harvest gets worse yield numbers in everyday. However the market has continued to trade lower and lower. At these prices their are going to be no farmers selling corn or soybeans we have no problem storing them for at least a year. I personally have seen terrible yields and I farm in central Illinois right in the heart of the corn belt and numbers are coming the same or under the numbers from the worst drought we've seen in 25 years last season. I'm no expert but at half the price with the same yields these traders are completely off their rockers. Greedy profit takers and speculation have drove the US grains to slightly above nonexistent. Why does this continue one might ask, well it is the US way the rich get richer and now everybody else is poor and will stay that way with such a crooked system. Good Luck down there in SA because if you all run out of grain don't look to the US you'll just end up with a projection to hold off for next season for the record crop we have this year. Whoops, sorry it never happened however you wouldn't know that according to the massive price decline.

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